Preventative Pet Care

Adult Pet Wellness

Our wellness visits include a head to tail examination. We offer your pet diagnostic and wellness services. This includes, but not limited to bloodwork, fecal tests and urine testing. Sometimes we detect disease in apparently “normal” animals. These exams and tests help us to address problems in the early stages. Early diagnosis and appropriate care can result in your pet living a longer and healthier life.

Puppy or Kitten Care Packages

We have a soft spot for the littlest pets. So naturally, puppy and kitten healthcare is a top priority and our package plans are designed to help you and your new pet have the best start to your life together! Your new puppy or kitten is vulnerable to disease in the first weeks and months and needs a proper program of vaccines and boosters. Many young pets harbor parasites, so an exam and deworming treatment are very important. Our team will share tips and information to help in the care and feeding of your new precious pet.

Parasite Prevention/Skin Care

Education on the proper use of parasite prevention, medications and skin care. We offer heartworm preventatives: once a year, twice a year or monthly options. Flea/tick prevention is available in a few products. Our staff can help you find the right option for your pet and your situation.

Dental Cleanings

We offer anesthetic dental cleanings (prophylaxis) to clean the teeth of tartar and plaque above and below the gum line (sub-gingival). A healthy mouth can offer a longer and healthier life to your pet. Digital X-rays and ultrasonic cleanings enable us help you keep your pets mouth clean and healthy.

In-house Laboratory

Many diagnostic tests can be done on site and show results while you wait. These findings enable your pet to start necessary treatment or medications right away. Bloodwork and urinalysis check for abnormal conditions and can be used for pre-surgical screenings. Other tests can look for parasites including heartworm, hookworm, tapeworm, fleas, ticks, mites.

Microchip Identification

Microchip identification is a safe and extremely effective way for your pet to be identified if they were lost. If your pet is found, an electronic wand is waved over the body of your pet to locate the chip then interpret the data in the chip wirelessly to provide your contact information.

Air-conditioned Boarding Facilities

We have clean and comfortable facilities that include a cat ward and dog ward with runs. Our staff care for them as if our own.

Baths and Nail Trims

Every day we offer bathing for your pet and they return to you fresher and soothed after their experience. A bath includes: shampoo, blow-dry, brushout, ear cleaning and nail trim.

Thursdays are our “Spa Day” when we offer $10 off the cost of a bath. Space is limited, so get your reservation.

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