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Randall Dugal, DVM

Chief of Staff

Born and raised in Missouri, Dr. Dugal has wanted to be a veterinarian since he was 8. As a child, he had box turtles as pets and currently raises box turtles and red foot tortoises in his yard. He and his wife, Tammy have two children and a dog.

Southeast Missouri State University is where Dr. Dugal earned his B.S. degree in agriculture and then continued his education at the University of Missouri at Columbia, graduating with his D.V.M degree. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Florida and met his wife Tammy. His first 4½ years as a veterinarian were spent working for an animal hospital in West Palm Beach, then an emergency clinic. He then designed and built a Community Animal Hospital in Royal Palm Beach and opened for business.

Dr. Dugal spends his free time playing chess, working with orchids, and riding his Harley-Davidson. He also enjoys spending time in the mountains of North Carolina, hiking and relaxing in the local coffee shop where people know him by name. For exercise, he practices and competes in TaeKwonDo. Improving the lives of animals, spending time with his family, and enjoying his hobbies keep Dr. Dugal going strong.

Randall Dugal

Community Animal Hospital of Royal Palm Beach